No matter what stage your practice is at, we'll be able to assist and implement software and systems that will streamline your firm and increase your efficiency.

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Don't let numbers get in the way of productivity. Streamline your business for success.


I need everything cloud because I am in the launch phase of my business and want to take off with the right setup.

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I need everything as I am still using desktop or I still have some cloud products but need the rest.

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GROWTH Practice

I need everything because I am still using desktop or I have some cloud products but need the rest as we want to expand and need the systems to help us do it.

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EXIT Pracitce

I need everything because I am still using desktop or I have some cloud products but need the rest as we want to retire and sell the practice and need the systems to help us do it.

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Dreaming of starting your own Accounting Practice?

  • Have you been dreaming of starting your own Accounting Practice, but have been scared that...
  • it is going to take too long to set everything up before you actually start working on any clients and earning some income?
  • it is going to cost too much and you don’t have the money or a limited budget
  • you don’t have the knowledge of what it takes to set up an accounting practice
  • you know you desperately want to do it but you don’t really know where to start

Well, fear no more…. We take the guess work out of starting your own accounting practice.

What is a Digital Accounting Business Package?

It is the culmination of 2 years of research in finding the best software and tools to run a modern accounting practice that has the following features:

  • 100% cloud - all the software is cloud based and can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection
  • Paperless - a large percentage of the software in the digital business toolkit integrates with other software in the cloud eco-system which means that printing of invoices and other documents are no longer required. All documents can be stored electronically within the software or other integrated document storage solutions
  • Automated - cloud software has come a long way in the last decade and there is literally a software application for any task or function you can imagine. The result of this advancement means that a large percentage of the task that would normally require human intervention can now be automated. These tasks are normally laborious in nature, does not require specialised skills, is necessary in the overall process but does not provide a lot of value. They are often performed by people that are highly skilled and are charged out at a high labour rate because there is no alternative available.
  • When it comes to continuity the software will perform the task in the same way, at the same time with the same quality and speed which is often not the case when we use our labour force.

What would a Digital Business Package look like?

Core Business Applications

  • Set up Cloud Accounting Software
  • Set up  Document Management Software
  • Set up Tax Software
  • Set up Work paper software
  • Set up Payment services software
  • Training on core software applications
  • Support Services  on core software applications implemented

Client Aquisition Processes

  • Client Enquiries Process
  • Quoting Process
  • Client Proposals & letter of engagement
  • Client On-boarding process & sequences
  • Terms & conditions

Workflows, Client Reminders, Email Communications, Telephone Communications, External & Internal Communications

  • Set up Service Desk
  • Set up Jobs
  • Set up Tasks
  • Set up Next Action Dates
  • Set up Email in-boxes
  • Set up Reminder Emails
  • Set up Internal Communication
  • Setup Time Recording
  • Setup Knowledge Base
  • Set up Google
  • Telephone Communications (mobile, VOIP)

Digital Marketing

  • Set up/review Twitter
  • Set up/review Facebook pages
  • Set up/review Instagram
  • Set up/review Linkedin
  • Set up Landing Pages to Website
  • Set up Auto Responders
  • Set up Website
  • Set up Cyber Security
  • Set up Digital Intelligence Dashboard

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

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Our team have worked with Xero as well as implemented Xero's suite of products across industry sectors.

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Our friendly team are specialists in Xero Practice Management and Digital Toolkit implementation, configuration and support.

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